Branding towards the Danish fashion industry

TOJ – Fashion & Business Trends is a niche media targeted at manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, agents and subcontractors in all parts of the Danish fashion industry. TOJ gives you the opportunity to reach the entire Danish fashion industry all year through the printed and digital industry magazines, the news site or the newsletter, or a combination of them all.

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TOJ – Fashion & Business Trends is a B2B media targeted at manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, agents and subcontractors in all parts of the Danish fashion industry.

The readers are primarily at top and middle management level. With an advertisement, you will get direct access to communicate your message to those who make the decisions in the fashion industry.

The media is subscription-based and has existed for more than 40 years, which is why the target group is extremely focused. As an advertiser, you will therefore experience a minimal waste of contact.

TOJ – Fashion & Business Trends offers both print and online advertising on the following platforms:, newsletter as well as printed and digital industry magazines.

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Industry magazines

TOJ- Fashion & Business Trends publishes four annual industry magazines, where we go behind the industry and focus on themes that are relevant for the industry.

Two of these magazines focuse on the Danish fashion week and the fairs for the current season. This magazine is sent to all subscribers and is also distributed digitally through the newsletter and fysically to selected shops, fairs and events as well as it is distributed in selected showrooms during the Danish fashion week.

Please find the publications dates further down this page.

In the industry magazines, you can choose between different advertising formats. See all specifications for advertising in the industry magazines here.

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TOJ – Fashion & Business Trends keeps the readers updated on the latest knowledge about the industry on the news site

Every day, the news site is updated with news and has an average of 35,000 page views a month.

At you can choose between advertising via billboard banner and side banner. When purchasing a billboard banner, you are secured to get a top position on for a given period, while your advertisement’s position in the side banner overview will be rotating with other advertisers.

See all specifications for advertising on here.

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Five times a week, TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends sends out a newsletter to professionals in the fashion industry with news from

Because the newsletter is sent out five times a week, an advertisement banner will therefore achieve great exposure. It is possible to purchase different advertisement placements in the newsletter.

See all specifications for advertising in the newsletter here

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Should TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends be your mouthpiece directly into the fashion industry?

What is an advertorial?

An advertorial is an advertisement format that is designed as an article and optimised to perform for the readers of TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends.

When an article is marked with ‘advertisement’ or ‘advertorial’, it means that an advertiser has paid for and has had an influence on the content of the advertisement. The content must live up to the media’s style, tone and quality, just as it must be relevant to and targeted at the media’s readers.

We can help you – all the way from idea to finished product

The advertorial is always developed in a collaboration between the editorial staff at TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends and the advertiser.

The advertiser has the opportunity to send premade material to the editorial staff, after which a thorough proofreading and adjustment is made, so that the content lives up to the media’s requirements for style, tone and quality.


The editorial staff also offers to produce the entire advertorial according to the advertiser’s wishes. In collaboration with the advertiser, the editorial staff finds creative and exciting angles targeted at the industry and then produces the content by using the journalistic tools, so that the content has a high quality and is relevant for both reader and advertiser.

Opportunity for an advertorial on all platforms. At TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends, it is possible to have an advertorial on all our platforms, which means our news site, newsletter and printed trade magazines.


Benefits with an advertorial at TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends

  • The editorial staff at TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends ensures that the content is targeted at the media’s readers and at the same time meets the media’s requirements for style, tone and quality.
  • It is possible to hit the target group very precisely with storytelling and position your company as an expert or thought leader in order to create awareness, brand loyalty and commitment.
  • TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends is a B2B media with more than 30,000 weekly readers, and your advertorial is therefore targeted at the fashion industry.
  • With a direct link from the advertorial to your landing page, you can drive traffic while improving your company’s SEO ranking.


See specifications for advertorials here.

Contact Bente Bitsch Nielsen by email or phone and find out more about your options regarding an advertorial.


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Publications 2023

No. 1 – 2023*
Published: 23 January 2023
Advertisement deadline: 10 January 2023

No. 2 – 2023
Published: 12 May 2023
Advertisement deadline: 27 April 2023

No. 3 – 2023 (Fashion Week Edition)
Published 31 July 2023
Advertisement deadline: 04 July 2023

No. 4 – 2023
Published: 27 November 2023
Advertisement deadline: 13 November 2023

* Published together with a separate publication about the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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