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Media kit for TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends

The mouthpiece in the fashion industry

TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends is a niche media targeting stakeholders in and around the Danish fashion industry.TØJ is present 365 days a year – both online and in print – which means that communication and content on TØJ’s platforms are highly targeted.

A focused target group


monthly page views on


in circulation for Fashion Week Editions
– 1000 for the editions in May and November



percentage in average opening rate of the newsletter

Type of business of the readers*

Job titles of the readers*

*During Copenhagen Fashion Week, the target group is composed differently.

Advertising opportunities

Get your message across to TØJ’s target group, whether it is through a single campaign or a 360-degree solution across TØJ’s platforms.

Advertising opportunities

Advertising in the printed industry magazine

TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends publishes four annual industry magazines where we take a closer look at the industry and focus on topics that are relevant for the fashion industry. The industry magazines are sent to subscribers.

Two of the editions focus on Copenhagen Fashion Week and the fairs for the current season. These editions are also distributed digitally through the newsletter and physically handed out to visitors and exhibitors at fairs, events and showrooms during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

In the industry magazines, there are various advertising formats.

Advertising opportunities

Online advertising

TØJ keeps the readers updated on what is happening in the Danish fashion industry. We gather the most important news on and deliver them to the reader’s inbox four times a week.

There are various online advertising formats.

Advertising opportunities

Sponsored content

Sponsored content is an advertising format designed as an article and optimised to target the readers of TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends.

Advantages of sponsored content with TØJ:

  • The editorial team at TØJ ensures that the content is targeted to the publication’s readers while meeting the publication’s standards for style, tone and quality.
  • It is possible to precisely reach the target group with storytelling and position your company as an expert or thought leader to create awareness, brand loyalty and commitment.
  • With a direct link from the advert to your landing page, you can drive traffic and improve your company’s SEO ranking.

You have the option to either provide the finished article yourself or receive assistance from the editorial team.

Specifications and prices

Do you know all of TØJ’s advertising opportunities?

Half page (vertical)


€ 1,210

Full page


€ 2,020

Double page spread


€ 3,900

Back cover


€ 2,420

For requests regarding inserts, please contact the sales department for a customised offer:

Side banner

.jpg or .gif
Max 300 KB

12 months / € 2,690
6 months / € 2,020
3 months / € 1,215
1 month / € 675

Frontpage banner

.jpg or .gif
Max 300 KB

3 months / € 1,210
2 months / € 941
1 month / € 672

Billboard banner

.jpg or .gif
Max 700 KB

1 week / € 1,075

Newsletter banner

.jpg or .gif
Max 150 KB

Top / € 175
Middle / € 162
Bottom / € 150


Word doc.: Max 2,400 characters
Images: .jpg, 1200x500px, max 300KB

€ 807 when delivering a finished article

€ 1,210 when assistance is needed regarding content and production 

Publication schedule

See dates for upcoming editions and ad deadlines here

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