Q&A with the Project Manager at Nord-Fair, which is the organiser of the two trade fairs, Herretøjsmessen and Modemessen, in Vejle

Charlotte Strøm

What can exhibitors and buyers expect from the two fairs, Herretøjsmessen (men’s clothing) and Modemessen (women’s clothing), respectively?
We always strive to make it attractive to visit the fairs in Vejle. We put a lot of emphasis on creating a space where we set the stage, and the exhibitors receive applause. When buyers – especially at Modemessen – spend both two and three days at the fair, we know that we are onto something right. We have a wide range of suppliers, creating a strong synergy when putting together collections for the shops. The trend zone provides inspiration, and there is a calmness at the fair to gain the necessary overview. Buyers can see new brands, and new brands can present their collections most invitingly – on par with existing brands. It ensures healthy competition for everyone.

What do you do to retain exhibitors?
Planning is a prerequisite for success. We constantly strive to create an appealing fair experience where the project framework and purpose are in place from the beginning. If buyers are happy with the fair, exhibitors are too. Therefore, we work at all levels to ensure that the fairs are a success. For example, the layout of the fair should be clear, parking, registration and dining should run smoothly and without long queues. Our focus is to facilitate a common platform with a focus on the core – namely, ordering.

Being service-minded and loyal are known qualities of yours – what parameters are important for you to succeed?
Our toolbox contains several tools, but the three constants are loyalty, trust and service. Some of the qualities that characterise Nord-Fair are the close and personal contact between customer and project manager and the fact that we are a very flat organisation. There is never a long wait for answers. And that close relationship is important to us. We have always believed that personal relationships create a unique insight into the industry, which is key to good interaction and community. We have ongoing dialogue with our customers and always base our actions on their needs. Our customers’ success is our success, and frankly, one of the best parts of our job is being able to provide service and receive smiles and trust in return.

It has been a tough year for the fashion industry. How do you, as a fair organiser, feel this?
The world is full of uncertainty right now, and 2023 has looked significantly different from 2022. Both the fashion industry and many other sectors we work with are challenged by rising interest rates, measured optimism, exchange rates and economic instability. Danes have become more restrained due to the economic development, and it’s more than ever about price and ‘keeping it simple.’ We offer flexibility, which is also reflected in the price – no one pays for more than necessary. With move-in-ready stands equipped with spotlights, racks and furniture, we have developed a concept that makes it easy to participate with an affordable price that everyone can afford. However, we feel more support than ever for the fairs in Vejle and are pleased that Herretøjsmessen is currently fully booked, and we only have a few stands left for Modemessen.



When is Herretøjsmessen held: January 21-22, 2024
When is Modemessen held: February 18-20, 2024
Where are the two fairs held: DGI House in Vejle