The metaverse is not a thing of the future – it is already moving retail beyond the physical restraints of reality. Immersive experiences offer unique ways to engage with a younger, wider audience, helping brands stay engaged and relevant. 

The merging of the physical and digital world enables brands to contextualise brand awareness and craft memorable customer experiences. Many of the world’s biggest brands are already engaging with the metaverse, through NFTs (non-fungible tokens), virtual stores and digital items for avatars. The possibilities are endless. Here are 5 must-see metaverse concepts that are redefining retail. If you want to know more about innovative metaverse retail concepts, check out this online article from Insider Trends.


1 Nike (Nikeland)

A great example of virtual world building came courtesy of Nike’s ‘Nikeland’. It is a virtual experience inside gaming platform Roblox, Nikeland’s fields and arenas are inspired by the brand’s real-life headquarters. In keeping with the theme of creativity, players are invited to play a range of mini games including ‘the floor is lava’, before designing their own games with Nike’s tool kit.

A digital showroom lets you buy classics like the Air Force, as well as new product drops, to dress your avatar in. Through gauging consumer interest in new products, this space is an ideal testing ground to see what will translate to real world sales.

In the future, the virtual space will be more closely integrated and have in-play moments that emulate global sporting events, such as The World Cup.Notably, Nike recently used augmented reality to bring its virtual experience to life at its NYC House of Innovation (HOI) store.


2 Adidas

Sportswear giant Adidas chose NFTs to be its vehicle into the metaverse. One of the most interesting approaches, lifestyle label Adidas Originals teamed up with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gmoney and the Punks Comic creators to develop the NFTs. What is particularly exciting is that buyers can also purchase matching physical clothing, including a hoodie and the tracksuit, worn by Adidas’s own Bored Ape.

The NFTs give owners access to upcoming digital experiences, virtual wear-ables and will act as access tokens to Adiverse, the plot of virtual land inside The Sandbox, which Adidas has just acquired. When launched, this virtual world will offer exclusive experiences and virtual merch.


3 Louis Vuitton (Louis the Game)

Louis Vuitton turned to the metaverse to throw a 200th birthday party worthy of a global luxury fashion house.  Its video game, Louis the Game, sees you travel through six worlds to collect 200 candles. Each candle unlocks an informative postcard that reveals treasured stories from the brand’s heritage and notes on modern innovations. It is a fun way to introduce brand heritage to a new generation.

We loved the way the company reimagined its iconic monogram into a playable mascot that you can customise using monogram prints and colorways. Exclusive to the gameplay were 30 embedded, collectible NFTs, some of which were designed by artist Beeple, whose digital collage sold as an NFT at a Christie’s auction for 69.3 million dollars.


4 Vans (Vans World)

Last year, iconic streetwear brand Vans joined with Roblox to create ‘Vans World’, a metaverse playground with interactive skateboarding at its centre. This 3D space is the first step into the metaverse for the brand, which is the first to combine skateboarding, gaming and fashion in a virtual space. Members of Vans’ fandom can dress up an avatar and customise skateboards before practising their tricks. Special features include free items of the day. Paying homage to skate culture, Vans was inspired by real world locations including London’s House of Vans.


5 Burberry

Luxury fashion house Burberry has combined its iconic prints with NFTs. Last year, the brand joined with Tencet Designs to create clothes for a character in the Chinese online battle game Honor of Kings. The skins featured Burberry’s iconic trench coat and tartan patterned clothing.

The brand has also partnered with Mythical Games to create a limited edition Blanko character called ‘Sharky B’, who is clad in the brand’s TB monogram print. This NFT can be bought and sold in the Blankos Block Party marketplace, making Burberry the first luxury brand to feature there.

What we really like is that Burberry also designed in-game NFT accessories, including a jetpack and pool shoes, which players can apply to their own Blanko.