For decades, Bundgaard has been a bastion of quality and innovation in children’s shoes and is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. The journey began back in 1904 when Thorvald Emil Bundgaard acquired a shoe factory, laying the foundation for Bundgaard shoes.

At Bundgaard, children’s well-being and needs come first. The overarching goal of the shoe brand is to give children optimal conditions for movement and outdoor exploration, thus laying the foundation for a long and healthy life. The design philosophy is therefore created to ensure that the shoes complement the natural shape of the foot, prioritising the child’s comfort and freedom of movement:

“Through generations, Bundgaard has been dedicated to creating quality shoes for children with the aim of uniting design and comfort, and we take great pride in our responsible approach to children’s health and the natural development of their feet. We still place great emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and use only the best materials to ensure that every shoe is a pleasure to wear,” says CEO Henrik Hammer.

Established in Denmark in 1904, Bundgaard stands as one of the oldest children’s shoe brands in Scandinavia. The story unfolds in Esbjerg, where Thorvald Emil Bundgaard acquired a shoe factory. Initially focused on making shoes for adults, the direction changed when he discovered in the 1920s a lack of well-fitting shoes for his grandchildren. As a result, Thorvald Emil Bundgaard directed the company’s efforts exclusively toward the production of children’s shoes.

“Our journey led Bundgaard to become pioneers in the production of comfortable shoes for children. Our commitment to our heritage remains unwavering as we continue to uphold Thorvald Emil Bundgaard’s legacy by consistently delivering children’s shoes that meet the highest standards of fit and quality,” says Henrik Hammer.


From Bundgaard’s heritage to SS 25

Inspired by the nostalgia of bygone times and enriched with modern, retro-inspired elements, every shoe in Bundgaard’s spring/summer 25 collection is a testament to the DNA and proud traditions of children’s shoes. By delving into Bundgaard’s archives, they have revived some of their most iconic designs, loved by generations. From retro silhouettes to vintage-inspired details, each shoe honors their heritage and remains timeless.

In creating the spring/summer 25 collection, the historical has been carefully woven together with the new, and the familiar with the surprising, to create a diverse expression that appeals to the little ones. But it is not just about reliving the past – it is also about embracing the future. Alongside their nostalgic favorites, they present new styles that embrace the spirit of innovation and design. From vibrant colours to playful patterns, each shoe exudes a sense of excitement at children’s eye level – perfect for the adventurous summer souls.

“Our SS 25 is not just a tribute to our heritage, but also a demonstration of our ability to think innovatively and create something extraordinary,” concludes Majbrit Weidemann, CMO at Bundgaard.