The shoe trend for spring/summer 2025 exudes summer vibes and a relaxed holiday atmosphere. The trend ranges widely from retro running shoes to something that looks like handmade knit, to ultra-light and feminine mesh shoes. The common thread among the five shoe trends is that they all have a relaxed, casual look, and they definitely make us long for the holiday spirit and long, bright summer evenings.


Retro runners

The Retro Runners trend manages to combine nostalgia with modern comfort and functionality, making it popular among both those who love classic sneakers and those seeking a timeless yet fashionable shoe. They often have a sleek profile with a low to mid-height ankle, making them both stylish and practical.

The materials are typically a combination of suede, mesh, and nylon, often used in the original running shoes designed by iconic sports brands. These brands are now reissuing the classic models in new editions.

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Mary Jane-shoes

One of the most characteristic features of Mary Jane shoes is a simple strap that goes over the instep, often fastened with a button or buckle. This strap helps keep the shoes securely on the foot. The shoes typically have a rounded toe, giving them a soft and feminine appearance.

Traditionally, Mary Jane shoes are flat or have a low heel, making them comfortable and practical for everyday use. They often resemble ballerina shoes but differ by having the strap over the foot. Originally, Mary Jane shoes were primarily children’s shoes, but they are now popular among adults.

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Flip flops

Flip flops are the ultimate relaxed summer classic. They feature a distinctive Y-shaped strap as the only means to keep the shoes in place. They are often made from lightweight materials such as rubber, plastic, foam, or leather. These materials are resistant to water, making flip flops suitable for use at the beach, pool, or other leisurely activities.

The name “flip flops” comes from the characteristic sound they make when walking. The sound is due to the sole striking the heel and the ground, which underscores the relaxed and informal style – a style that makes this ’90s classic popular again.




The mesh trend is light, elegant, and transparent in its expression, and the mesh shoe is generally a light, airy, and comfortable summer shoe that allows the foot to breathe. It is a fine alternative to the sandal if one occasionally prefers a closed shoe in the summer heat.

The material is made from synthetic fibers, usually in a net-like fabric. Due to its softness and flexibility, the mesh material is often comfortable to wear.



Handmade products stand out in a world of mass production, artificial intelligence, and technology. Design that has the character of being handmade is particularly appealing at a time when technology is taking quantum leaps. Handmade products often have a special aesthetic that reflects the artisan’s creative vision and skill, and generally show signs of a personal touch in the process. In this shoe trend, the handmade element is significant, with various artisanal techniques represented in knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, and more.